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Swedish cinnamon buns


With the delicate scent of cinnamon and the sweetness of caramelised brown sugar

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Focaccia Genoa style

Focaccia Genovese

Thin, crunchy and soft. A must for snacks any time of the day.

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Japanese fried tofu

Tofu karaage

Amazing texture for this silken tofu that's been frozen to create layers that pull perfectly.

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Sesame buckwheat noodles

Goma soba

Ideal for the summer season, but can made warm or hot in winter time. Buckwheat and sesame go well together.

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Savoury tart typical of north western Italy

Pumpkin tart

An easily made wholemeal dough, with the sweetness of the squash and rice, for a quick snack or an outdoor meal.

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